Energy Savings

Len Electric is the expert on saving you money on your electricity from the appliances and light bulbs you use, to the way you control the flow of energy in and out of your business.

More and more businesses are switching to energy efficient electricity.  They want to make smart decisions when it comes to equipping their company with appropriate energy saving devices.  By making the switch you not only increase your potential profitability, but you help save the environment from toxic fossil fuel pollution and help to create a more secure energy future for America.

It can be a challenge to determine the best steps to take in order to yield the greatest benefit in your business.  Let Lenelectric help.  Call us today and find out how we can help you increase profitability and energy efficiency!

Check out our commercial ENERGY SAVING options:

  • Solar Energy Systems
  • Energy Saving Lighting Solutions
  • Commercial Energy Audits
  • Wireless Lighting Controls

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KVAR Energy Systems

KVAR Energy Saving Unit not only saves energy, it saves money. The unit achieves this by measuring the kilowatt hours that are actually used.

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