Upgrades and Improvements

keep your home up to date and functional.  This is your best method of protecting not only your investment, but also your family. The steady increase of consumer electronic use and home energy consumption means that the electrical systems in many existing homes can easily become overloaded or not meet today’s electrical code.

An electrical inspection by one of our trained Residential Electrical Service Specialist will ensure that you’re getting the most out of your home’s electrical system and help avoid electrical hazards.

A few of the many upgrades and improvements that our trained Residential Electrical Service Specialist can consult with you on are:

  • Redecorate Your Home With Light. Bring your home to life with interior lighting, which can give form and texture to a room, warm a dark corner, highlight a favorite piece of art, or create just the right mood. Lighting is a marvelous and powerful decorating tool – learn to use it well, and your home will look and function the way you’ve always hoped it would! Determine your lighting style!
  • Automatic standby generators monitoring utility voltage 24/7.  If your power goes out, your generator goes on – automatically.
  • Sensored lighting control offering you the ability to turn lights off automatically when a room isn’t in use.  Offering hands free convenience occupancy sensors are ideal for storage and utility areas, garages, laundries, closets, pantries, etc.   Vacancy sensors are ideal for bedrooms and bathrooms requiring a manual ON feature.

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