Industrial Electrical Services

We work on brand new industrial buildings from start to finish. We also provide maintenance and repair for buildings, phone lines and cables. In addition, we deal with lighting design, parking lot lights, neon lighting, outdoor lighting, and all exterior electrical needs.


  •  Maintenance
  •  Motor Control
  • Panel Upgrades
  • Maintenance
  • New Construction
  •  Motor Control
  •  Systems Wiring for Security Cameras
  •  Indoor and Outdoor Wiring
  •  Corrective Wiring
  •  Lighting Installations
  •  Remodeling
  •  Service Work
  •  Design and Build Work
  •  And Much More…

Industrial Electrician provides fully licensed Master  Electrician servicemens to all industries across Ontario. We pride ourselves on giving top quality professional service in this very demanding class of electrical work.

Service Capabilities

We understand the importance of tight deadlines, reducing downtime and the needs of a 24 hour, seven day a week service. Our industrial electrical services are based on best practice.We provide permanently assigned, experienced industrial electricians. We also provide back up licensed electricians who are fully familiar with your site.If you have multiple sites across Ontario we can provide a single stream solution. We have national exposure and can give complete coverage for your operations.

Emergency Rapid Response

We understand how serious downtime can be for you. If you have a situation that needs urgent attention we average a two hour response time.If there is a major issue and you need up to ten, twenty or more electricians at once we are able to handle this.

Our Standards

We’re a new, different type of business.

  • We’re fully committed to best professional standards for our work.
  • We conduct our work and business practices to the best ethical and safety standards.
  • We value our clients and we listen to their feedback, their problems and their needs.

If you would like to speak with other clients of ours, please don’t hesitate to give us a call for some referrals.

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