Need an Electrician for Your Home?

For a fast and friendly local electrician servicing the Toronto GTA, you’ll feel at ease with the expert service you’ll find at the Len Electric. Our fully qualified Master Electricians pride themselves on exceptional customer service and quality workmanship, and offer competitive pricing in the industry. Our work is backed by our Rock Solid 8 Point Guarantee.

Specialty Lighting

The finest rooms deserve the finest light. Lighting that is pure and clear like water, spreading sheets of light so even and smooth they are like silk. Lighting that soothes and comforts, without glare. Lighting that shapes a mood and matches a setting.

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Safety and Security

It’s easy to use electricity safely at home if you understand the risks and take care. Our tips can be a helpful start.

  • General appliances
  • Electricity and water
  • Extension leads
  • Powerlines
  • Underground cables and pipes
  • Switchboard and fuses

What is electricity? 

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Upgrades and Improvements

Upgrades and improvements not only increase the value and status of your home or business, they help you save money and energy while increasing your property’s safety and security.  No matter what kind of electrical upgrades and improvements you need, Lenelectric will take care of you.   Give us a call today to make an appointment!

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Looking for Ways to Save Energy?

Save up to $300* on your annual electricity bill . Turning off appliances at the wall and adjusting your heating and cooling settings by just two degrees could save you almost $300* a year, and even more in some states.

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KVAR Energy Systems

KVAR Energy Saving Unit not only saves energy, it saves money. The unit achieves this by measuring the kilowatt hours that are actually used.

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