Specialty Lighting

The finest rooms deserve the finest light. Lighting that is pure and clear like water, spreading sheets of light so even and smooth they are like silk. Lighting that soothes and comforts, without glare. Lighting that shapes a mood and matches a setting.

We manufactures high-end lighting solutions for the world’s most demanding clients. Our exclusive Supertex lenses are heat-resistant and water-clear, bathing your room in even sheets of light, free from any hint or glare.

All of our fixtures are flawlessly finished and minimalist in design; they blend in so that everything else stands out. Our existing product line is just the beginning. We work closely with lighting designers and architects to create custom solutions that make them and their clients look good.

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KVAR Energy Systems

KVAR Energy Saving Unit not only saves energy, it saves money. The unit achieves this by measuring the kilowatt hours that are actually used.

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